Free Digital Marketing Tools for Your Business

These 5 free digital marketing tools will help your brand, products and services be found online.

Google My Business

Getting your business on Google My Business is easy – you just need your address and a phone number, and some images of your business. Once you enter your business details people will be able to easily find your business on Google Maps, and when they use Google to search for goods and services like yours.

For businesses who sell products, from gelato to snowboards to artwork, this is one of the most powerful free digital marketing tools. You’ll also be able to post updates about events, product or service offers, and get reviews. It’s also great for your search engine optimisation (SEO).

Get started here, or if you’d like help setting this up, get in touch.


When people think of social media, they think of Facebook. Whether you love, like, or loathe it, there can be no doubt about the impact of this internet giant. It’s amazing for friendships, relationships, networking, culture, marketing, and of course sales. Almost everybody is on Facebook, so it makes sense to at least have a contact point for your business on there!

Setting up a Facebook Page for your business is free, easy and relatively quick thanks to the step-by-step process. Start here. If you decide you need help with this or other digital marketing tools, contact us.

Note: Facebook is going to ask if you want to “boost” your posts. If you’re interested in advertising on Facebook and Instagram, get in touch. We can help you understand operate these yourself or be more confident about engaging with a digital advertising service.


Instagram is one of the best free digital marketing tools for any business with a visually appealing location, product, or service.

Wanaka, for example, is surrounded by picturesque mountains, sits beside a beautiful lake – and has one of Instagram’s more famous locations minutes from the town centre #ThatWanakaTree!

The Instagram app is free to download and use. All you need is a mobile device (with a camera!) that can access the Apple App Store or Google Play to download the app. From there, the best thing to do is start experimenting with photos, videos and stories.

If you already use Instagram, you can create a new profile for your business and switch between the two. And, if you’ve set up a Facebook Page you’ll be able to connect it and share your Instagram posts directly. Because a lot of organic results hinge on hashtags, we’re also going to suggest you take a look at Hashtagify for some hashtag #inspo.

Get started here, and if you’d like more help with ways to use Instagram to promote your business, just contact us.

Get a quick start guide to using Instagram ads here.


One of the easiest image editing platforms to use, Canva helps you cut, crop, resize, reformat, arrange and even add text to your imagery.  There are quick and easy templates available to help you make everything from Facebook post images to posters. Because it’s a cloud app, you can also access your designs from any computer by signing in.

You’ll definitely need an image editing platform amongst your digital marketing tools. If it seems like you’re going to need more advanced Graphic Design help, let us know.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics helps you understand what people are doing when they visit your website. This enables you to make data-driven decisions when planning your next move. You might make changes to make things easier to find, or to streamline conversions. As far as free digital marketing tools go, that’s amazing! 

When you sign up for Google Analytics, you will generate a snippet of code. Add this to your website. If you run your own site, you can do this yourself. Alternatively, ask the company that set up your site to install the code for you. Once you’ve added the code, you’ll need to give it some time before you can start viewing data.

It will take time to learn how to use Google Analytics efficiently, which is why business owners make use of an agency – such as Aspiring Digital. There are also online courses to help.

Get more Google Analytics information here.

Other Free Digital Marketing Tools

Free digital marketing tools are a great way to start marketing your business online. Many more are available, such as PinterestTwitterGrammarlyBitly and even this headline analyser by CoSchedule. If you’ve got a favourite that we haven’t mentioned, please tell us here or on social media!

If you are aware of the need for digital marketing but don’t have time to start or manage it, contact us. We will discuss your business and offer a solution that suits you.

Note: Almost all these tools offer some form of paid upgrade. It’s highly recommended you speak to a digital marketing specialist before committing your money and time! 

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