Digital Marketing News: September 2018

Our monthly quick-read round up of digital marketing news and information you may have missed out on, from September 2018. 

Pinterest announced 250 Million MAU’s

Jon Kaplan of Pinterest recently announced a 250m MAU’s (Monthly Active Users) milestone. They also claimed a 75% increase in the number of “pins” from last year, which translates to 175 billion pins! That is some serious growth.

If your brand has a visual aspect, you need to add Pinterest to your digital marketing. You’re probably already using Instagram. Have you thought about repurposing that imagery on Pinterest? Maybe you can add a Pinterest-sized image to your product pages or blogs.

You can set up a business account here. There’s a website authentication process if you want to advertise.

As a bonus for those interested in influencer marketing, Pinterest also opened up their API.

Tip: Your hashtags on Instagram probably won’t translate directly to Pinterest, however, you should use hashtags, as advised by Pinterest here.

Hey Siri, how fast is Voice Search growing?

This isn’t strictly September 2018 marketing news, but we’re including it anyway. It’s predicted that voice search will continue to grow quickly. By 2020, 50% of all searches will be voice searches (Campaign), 30% will be via devices without a screen (Gartner).

What could that mean for business owners and their digital marketing? You’ll probably need to optimise your website content to give answers to questions beginning with: Who, What, Where, and How. That’s because we’re more familiar with asking questions with speech.

And we’re good at asking longer questions too, so using longer-tail keyword phrases will probably be important. Eventually, we could be able to ask a series of questions like this:

“Where can I stay in Wanaka?”
“How much will it cost?”
“Do they have a spa?”

What will it mean for your SEO? It may very well turn out that those who are able to think like their customers are better at optimising their content for voice search. Where have we heard that before?

Facebook Marketing News: Canvas became Facebook Instant Experience

It was probably one of the most under-used ad formats, but at least now it has a more relevant title!

If you’ve got a collection of videos, photos and words for a specific product or service, Facebook Instant Experiences could work for you. The benefits of fast loading, mobile-optimised multimedia ads for digital marketing are fairly obvious. Especially as they can be placed on Instagram, as ads (you will miss out on some functions).

They do usually take a little longer to design. Facebook has tried to help by providing more templates. You’ll still need to apply your branding though.

The Social Network also announced other changes in September 2018 which digital marketing people should be aware of: Facebook Stories and Messenger Stories will soon have advertising placements available.

However, we don’t think this will really make a quick splash. Why not?

Facebook has 2.2 billion users. Part of the “unveiling” of these new ad placements was that “more than 300 million people use Facebook Stories and Messenger Stories every day“. That dwarfs Snapchat’s total Daily Active User number of 120 million but is less than WhatsApp’s 450 million and Instagram’s 400 million (TechCrunch).

In other words, less than 15% of Facebook’s total worldwide audience will have the chance to see ads in these new placements. More of a digital marketing “plop” than a splash, for now.

Digital Marketing September 2018 News: Conclusion

Pinterest is even more of a serious contender now. Your digital marketing strategy needs to start thinking about SEO for voice search. Facebook is aiming to grow stories across Facebook, Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp.

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