Digital Marketing News: November 2018

Digital marketing news from November 2018 includes Pinterest’s new “following” tab, fresh Instagram Shopping options, and LinkedIn’s catch-up game.

The Pinterest Following Tab

The digital marketing news from Pinterest was short and sweet in November. There’s now an easier way to see Pins and Boards by people you follow.

The new Following “tab” gives a nice Pin-by-Pin view. On the desktop version, there’s also a “people you follow” menu. Clicking that gives you three viewing options: People, Boards and Recommended.

It’s a nice update, which isn’t always the case with Pinterest.

Selecting the People option gives an overview of profiles that you follow. By selecting a Pinner, you are taken to their profile page. The Boards view gives you a look at the Boards you’re following. Recommended is a place to discover other Pinners based on your interests.

t features from november 2018

Outside of the product updates, Pinterest also hired their first CMO, Andréa Mallard. That’s encouraging for brands and marketers, as we may see more digital marketing tools for business promotion.

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Instagram’s updates and crackdowns

Three more on-platform shopping options were released to Instagram users in November, just in time for the holiday shopping season.

Users can now save “Tags” of products they want to buy. This is very similar to the “Save post” function, but specifically for shopping. What does it mean?

Setting up a product catalogue (via Facebook Business) is becoming essential!

There’s also going to be a new “Shop” section on business profiles. The potential here is for brands with established followings to encourage profile visits, so people might browse their Shop section more often.

In more Instagram marketing news, Shopping Tags can now also be added to videos. Businesses using influencers will love this one! We might even see a shift to commission-only deals if the uptake is good.

Speaking of influencers, it’s often tricky to know if you’ve found a good one. One problem remains the “fake likes” and “fake followers”. Both skew engagement and audience data.

Instagram has also announced their intention to reduce fake likes and followings using machine learning tools. Econsultancy’s recent study indicated 42% of marketers see fake followers and likes as their number one concern relating to influencer marketing.

LinkedIn Company Pages are now LinkedIn Pages with more features

LinkedIn takes more cues from social media platforms

Microsoft’s LinkedIn updated their “LinkedIn Company Pages” product with a new name: “LinkedIn Pages“.

We covered most of this update as part of our LinkedIn B2B Marketing post, so please take a look for more info.

There’s not much in the LinkedIn “Pages” update to really help small-to-medium businesses

In other marketing-related news, LinkedIn-using students are able to post Snapchat/Instagram/Facebook-like Stories. We’re not sure how it fits with the self-proclaimed “largest professional network” title.

It’s probably another attempt to get the average user on LinkedIn for more than 17 minutes per month. Will “Stories” be the secret sauce for LinkedIn earning an engaged audience?

Other digital marketing news

YouTube is rolling out Stories for selected users. Since Google + is being shut down, and YouTube is Google’s only social media platform, this kind of makes sense. Google will possibly give this feature for all YouTube users, eventually.

Would ait be a suprise if a version of Stories shows up on Google My Business too?

Pinterest Following LinkedIn Pages Instagram Shopping YouTube Stories

Facebook Messenger now lets you delete messages. So, if you send the wrong message to a person or group, you can hit delete and it will go away at both ends.

That’s it!

That’s all for this month’s edition! We hope your December has started well, and that your marketing campaigns are helping to grow your business.

If you’ve got a question, or need help with anything we’ve mentioned here, or in one of our other blogs, please get in touch!

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