Small Business Marketing: 3 Ways To Win

Small Business Marketing often means trying to get the best possible outcome from limited resources. It often comes down to time, or money, or both.

Probably because once a business is well-funded, they don’t stay “small”! Here’s the thing: Having a small budget can actually help you in the long run. And, you might not believe it, but, being short on time could too!

We’ll explain using these three ways to make small business marketing easier.

Think Like your Customer - Small Business Marketing by Aspiring Digital

Think Like Your Customer

This might seem obvious, but to efficiently reach your customers, you need to think like your customers.

Content creation should be driven by that thinking. So should keyword research for Search Engine Optimisation and Marketing, and selecting interests to target with Facebook and Instagram ads.

While we’re on that subject: For any business, using a small budget to reach the right people is usually a far better strategy than relying on organic results. You can read more about that here.

… and Prioritise

Keep your focus on the tasks that matter. A quick audit of how much time you’re spending on tasks, compared to the payoff, can be surprising. If you’ve got employees, it gets more complex.

That’s why we say being short on time could be an advantage. It forces you to stay focused!

… a few things at a time

Compared to doing everything at once, chipping away at just a few things at a time helps with a sense of achievement.

Notice we don’t say “one task at a time”! That’s one of those sayings that doesn’t really work for business owners. When it comes to making business marketing easier, prioritising and scheduling is essential.

Small Business Marketing Hints Use Your Phone as a Tool by Aspiring Digital

Small Business Marketing Tools for your Phone

Just about everyone has a smartphone these days. But very few people use them to stay on task, or on time!

That’s a real shame. There are so many apps available to help your small business marketing. All it takes is a search of your relevant app store.

Some examples:

  • We love Todoist because it’s easy and fast to use. You can use it on your mobile or web browser, and shift tasks into prioritised lists. You can also collaborate with others.
  • Learn to use a Do Not Disturb function. It’s surprising how much it helps with staying on task! There are also timers and stopwatches available on almost every phone.
  • Adobe Spark is free with any Adobe Creative Cloud subscription. You’ll need to set it up with your laptop, but once you have your brand sorted, Spark is super fast. You can pump out branded Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest images and videos in minutes from your phone.

Do you want more small business marketing toolbox suggestions? Take a look at this blog post, or chat with us via Facebook!

Goal Setting for Business Marketing

You’ve made it this far, so we’re going to reward you! By working with business owners from lots of different industries, we’ve identified a common issue.

Almost everybody understands the need to identify and set goals. However, without knowing how to identify and set goals, that’s not much use!

Here’s a little gift for free: A process that could be loosely described as “reverse engineering from a goal”.

Simply jot down the goal, and draw a triangle underneath it. Now, write the things you need to do to get there inside the triangle.

Now, look at those things as smaller goals, or dependencies. Make a new list with triangles under each one, and add the things you need to do for each one.

Keep repeating the process. Once you feel like you’ve run out of those smaller goals, make a list from the bottom up using Google Docs.

That’s your list of goal-focused tasks. All that’s left to do is prioritise, make some deadlines, and start working through the list. (Hint: Todoist makes this easy!)

Small Business Marketing Goal Setting Cheat Sheet by Aspiring Digital

Here’s a visual version – click to enlarge.


Customer-first thinking, using technology for productivity, and having a process for setting and achieving business goals can help you succeed. You will identify ways to reach, attract and convert customers. You will have a clear list of things to do. Most importantly, you will save time doing them.

The only problem that you might run into is being able to do everything.

After all, not everyone is a business marketing expert. Some people are great at logistics, and others are better at sales. Very few people have great photography skills, writing ability, and the know-how to run social media ads. Even fewer run successful businesses while doing it all!

So, here’s a solution for your small business marketing challenges: Get in touch using the form below. We can organise a no-obligation phone call, video call, or meeting to talk about how we can help.

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