Create Content Using Social Media Targeting​

Here’s one way to create content for social media and digital marketing, using social media targeting. Free to use and share! 

Simply work through the drop-down steps below. 

First Step

Open a Google Docs and create a new document, or just use a pen and paper.

Now work through each of the following drop-down tabs. 

Think of one simple goal you’d like to achieve with this activity. Don’t get too caught up, it can be as broad or narrow as you like. 

Make a note of your target location.

For example, this could be for people on the way to Wanaka, in Wanaka, or recently in Wanaka.

If your product, service or brand appeals to women or men specifically, make a note. 

Now make a note of the age range that your brand, product, or service appeals to.

Make a note of some broadly associated interests your potential customers may have.

What size will your content need to be? Do you need a range of sizes? Note them down. 

Is this content going to be advertised all day and night? Or is it related to a specific time of day? Note down your answer(s).

Are you looking to make a static image? A video? Is it going to be a carousel? 

Tip: If this is your first ad, a static image is the easiest to create. While a letterbox may work, getting a few different square photos means you’ll also have options too. 

Next Step:

Now let’s take a look at an example of what you might have. In this case, we’ll play the role of a cafe in Wanaka using Facebook and Instagram.

Goal: Increase awareness of lunch menu items to locals and visitors.
Location: People in Wanaka 
Gender: Non-specific
Age range: 13-65+
Interests: Food, coffee
Placement: Facebook and Instagram feeds
Timing: 9am to 2pm, 8pm to 11pm, and all times over weekends. 
Format: Square photos in case we want to split the use the Carousel format


We need some images of our new food menu items taken at lunchtime in square format. The image also needs to show a range of age groups with the food. It would ideally be taken with our cafe decor in the frame. 

Create Content

We’ve now got a clear idea of the image we need. We can either clearly explain the idea to a photographer, or an agency, or simply attempt to take the photo ourselves. 

Note: We kept this one pretty simple, but it shouldn’t be hard to translate this to your own business. Give it a try and let us know what you think

If you do get stuck however, just reach out to us for help. 


This is just one process to create content. If it works for you, or if you know someone who might find it helpful, please share it! 

If you’d like to suggest other ways to create content, let us know via the comments or social media, or get in touch.


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